Outdoor Portraits In Colder Seattle Weather

Seattle, and the Pacific North West in general, is a beautiful and unique place to live and do photography.  We love it here.  We have all four seasons - sunny, getting colder and more rainy, cold and rainy, and getting warmer and less rainy.  That is an exaggeration, but it does rain and it does get cold and windy, and sometimes you still want to be outside to get those wonderful environmental portraits.  We are with you on that goal, and being a Seattle photographer that loves the outdoors, we're here to help with a few thoughts.

First, it might be obvious, but when it is cold and windy bring warm clothes.  You don't have to wear it the whole time, but you will want a nice warm jacket and/or sweater you can put on in between photos or moving between areas during the shoot. Gloves and hats too! When it is really cold, we have recently started to bring hand warmers for our clients to help keep them comfortable, and we also provide a blanket to sit on if concrete is damp or cold. This photo was taken right at the end of a family photo shoot in Seattle's Volunteer Park, outside of the Seattle Asian Art Museum, and it was COLD.  With the coats and a blanket wrap on everyone, this picture will be a special memory for this family to recall just what it was like on the day this was taken.

Second, realize that you aren't moving around as much, so what might normally work for being outdoors around town, might not be warm enough during a photo shoot where you do less moving around.  A thermos of hot coffee or cocoa may be a good thing to bring along to hold and sip on and off between photos, and who doesn't like hot cocoa during the winter!?

Also, it is OK to incorporate hats, mittens, scarves, umbrellas, and any other weather gear that you like, as long as you're happy to be photographed in it.  The hoods and furry coat really fit into the look for certain photos like this couple photo taken overlooking Snoqualmie Falls on a very drizzly and misty day.

So those are some things our clients can keep in mind when getting ready for a spring or winter outdoor session.  We, as your photographers, also do a few things differently during colder weather with the goal of making the best photos possible for you.  One is paying close attention to the weather and scouting the appropriate locations. We communicate with you in the days ahead on what the weather might do and how to adjust if necessary. We plan out multiple options and try to have Plan B and Plan C if mother nature doesn't cooperate. We also take special care in processing images to account for red noses and fingers that are common in the cold.

With a little planning on the part of you the client, and us your photographer, we can achieve a successful outdoor photo shoot in almost any conditions we regularly encounter here in the Northwest.

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