Displaying Photography Products


One of the best things you can do with photos from your photography session is to print and display them.  A lot of our clients comment about the use of photos to capture moments of their children’s lives and forget that it is important to capture their moments as well.  We try to gently remind them that it is also capturing photos for their friends, families, and future generations to enjoy.  Our daughter, at the age of 4 years old, reminds us that she values our photos and videos. One of her favorite pastimes is to pull out photo books and look through them, including those that were created before she can remember.  Storytelling has long since played a part in passing information from one generation to the next and it is one of the best feeling to sit with someone and watch the magic as memories are relived through stories.  The highlight of our stories are photos that encourage details otherwise forgotten and give faces to loved ones.  Our munchkin now has a plethora of family stories she will tell to anyone who will sit and listen, sometimes people and sometimes stuffed animals.

So what are the benefits of having photography displayed in the home?  Hanging self portraits and family portraits around the home is found to have an important impact on it’s residents, especially kids.  A headshot or self portrait hung in a child’s room is found to increase their self-esteem. 

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Hanging a family portrait in the home in a spot that is visible daily reminds children of the people who care for them and reiterates their belonging in their family.  This is true for more than just children, it applies to everyone.


As I think back over my childhood I can remember the photos that were hung (and some still hang!) on the walls of our family home.  The memories captured in the hanging photos are easier for me to recall than the photos that have been tucked away in boxes all these years.

In the digital age we live in it is important to display photographs and not just glance at them on a screen.  This was one of the reasons Jubilant Studios chose to partner with a print lab and highly encourages our clients to utilize the printing services such as prints, canvases, metal prints, photobooks.  Items such as prints, canvases, metal prints, photo books, ornaments, and many other items are beautiful for display and also make great gifts. 

We have a program that can show you what photos will look like, dimension wise and aesthetically, on their walls before they are displayed.  We also offer to help hang items up for those that would like the help.  These little details help us to deliver exactly what our clients are envisioning in their homes so that they will enjoy their photos for years and years to come.